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Research and Development



ILIAS K. ROUMPOS & CO. GP is a certified trial unit designed to conduct high quality efficacy studies for valuation of plant protection products, fertilizers, yield evaluations, seed varieties, trials for scientific and research purposes according to the good experimental practice (GEP) guidelines.

Our operation base is in Nafplio Argolis, an area that provides the ability to cover a large range of crops throughout Peloponnese such as citrus trees, olive trees, vineyards, stone fruit trees and a vast range of vegetable products.


  • Efficacy evaluation studies of pesticides and other plant protection products.
  • Trials on selectivity of plant protection products at all crop growth stages
  • Evaluation of phytotoxicity of plant protection products applied to crops
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of pesticide products applied to crops
  • Research and product development for the agrochemical and seed industry, as well as for governmental or private organizations.

Our Values

  • Accredited by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture for efficacy studies conducted under Good Experimental Practice guidelines
  • Responsibility and high quality services
  • Integrity and reliability
  • Independence and neutrality
  • Efficiency and speed
  • Innovation and flexibility to changes
  • Confidentiality and trust

Working guidelines

  • GEP accreditation
  • EPPO Standards
  • OECD
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Company Details


Location: Ergatikes Katikies
P.C. 211 00 - Nafplio

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Human Resourses

The company staff consists of scientists with postgraduate degrees and great work experience in their fields. They continually train and keep up to date with the new agricultural advances through recognized seminars of private and state organizations.

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