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GEP Field Studies


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Our experienced staff can conduct reliable and accurate field trials to support the registration or the development of agricultural and horticultural products, such as:

» pesticides » acaricides
» insecticides » growth regulators
» herbicides » biocides
» fungicides » nematicides

The trials might concern efficacy, phytotoxicity, selectivity or might be fertilization trials, trials for seed evaluation, as well as trials for any research and scientific interest.

The trials are conducted according to our Standard Operating Procedures, written and regularly maintained according to the most recent OECD guidance documents, to updated EPPO Guidelines and the Good Agricultural Practice.

Our principles to conduct the trials are:

  • the selection of the most appropriate field that fulfils the demands of the study
  • the careful and optimized establishment of the settlement and the marking of the trial design
  • the treatments are applied with high precision experimental sprayers and the assessments are being recorded thoroughly
  • during the trials, all necessary safety measures are being taken, so as to ensure not only the protection of the staff involved, but the protection of the environment as well
  • data are promptly recorded, established, managed and summarized in the special data processing software ARM 9. The presentation of the results of the study is appended by a complete optical description of all phases of the trial and the Final Report is provided to the sponsor in a very short time.



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Human Resourses

The company staff consists of scientists with postgraduate degrees and great work experience in their fields. They continually train and keep up to date with the new agricultural advances through recognized seminars of private and state organizations.

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